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    President, ProEthics LTD

  I am an attorney (DC, MASS) and professional ethicist specializing in legal ethics, as well in workplace ethics, business, ethics, government ethics,and sexual harassment.
Languages: English

Harvard College, AB
Georgetown University Law Center, JD


I am an ethics trainer and consultant, and expert witness, as well as a professional speaker.


Professional Experience

President, ProEthics, Ltd. Founder and president of legal and business ethics consulting and training firm, which provides services to bar associations, law firms, government agencies, corporations, non-profits and trade associations. 1998 - Present.

Adjunct Professor of Legal Ethics, American University. 2006 - Present

Vice President and General Counsel, Richard G. Halpern & Associates. Provided legal and firm development service to litigation consulting firm. 1996 - 2001.

Consultant to Ethics, Inc. and The Ethics Resource Center. Assisted ethics training organizations in developing and presenting legal ethics training seminars. 1992-1999.

Fellow, The Ethics Resource Center. Served as fellow for prestigious, internationally-known organization, designing and facilitating all of their legal programs. 1996.

Consultant to The Pope Group. Developed, directed and facilitated dramatized programs on the topics of leadership, diversity, and workplace ethics for corporations and government agencies. 1995 - 1998.

Vice President for Member Services, Association of Trial Lawyers of America. Designed continuing legal education seminars, developed a litigation research service, oversaw the publishing and marketing of instructional handbooks and videotapes, and designed the Association’s current network of sections and litigation groups. 1987 - 1995.

Executive Director, HealthFare USA, a national health education and promotion non-profit which worked with local media, business and non-profits to run health fairs in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Belize. 1985 - 1987.

Vice President, National Chamber Foundation. Served as chief operating officer for non-profit affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which under his leadership released policy studies on character education, tort reform, corporate governance, health care cost containment, Hispanic business development, and national transportation funding. 1979 - 1985.

Director of Development, Georgetown University Law Center. As part of dean’s staff, conceived and managed fund raising for endowment, building, scholarship, and research project and faculty education needs. 1976 - 1979.

Assistant District Attorney, Lowell Massachusetts, and Staff Attorney, Massachusetts Defenders. 1975

International – Consultant and Trainer for the Mongolian Judicial Reform Project, assisting with the development of the new Code of Judicial Conduct and disciplinary process for Mongolian judges. 2004-2006

Continuing Legal Education (Ethics) Programs - Creator, Facilitator

“Ethics Evolution and the Virtuous Lawyer” 2009 (Various law firms)

“Ethics Safari” 2009 (Various law firms)

“Ethics Chess 2009” (ABA Aviation Section)

“Ethics Evolution” 2009 (Various law firms)

“Mind of the Virtuous Lawyer” 2009 (DC Bar)

“Ethics for Angels” 2009, 2008 (United Methodist Church; various non-profits)

“Zeal of No Zeal” 2009 (DC Bar); 2008 (Law firms)

“Ethics Blues” (Primeris, 2008; Virginia CLE, 2007; Nashville Bar, 2007)

“Ethics Rock” (Indiana Bar, 2009, North Carolina Bar, 2008; Alaska Bar, 2008; North Dakota Bar, 2008; Virginia CLE, 2006; Rhode Island Bar, 2004; Alabama Bar, April 2005; Louisiana Bar, May 2005; ATT; Association of Corporate Counsel; various law firms, corporations, associations)

“The Virtuous Lawyer’s Grand Tour,” (DC Bar, 2007; law firms)

“The Adventures of LegalEthicsman,” radio drama teleseminar (VACLE 2008)

The Virtuous Virginia Litigator (VACLE teleseminar, 2008)

The Virtuous Virginia Employment Attorney (VACLE teleseminar, 2008)

The Virtuous Virginia Real Estate Attorney (VACLE teleseminar, 2008)

“Have Rules, Will Travel,” radio drama teleseminar (VACLE 2007)

“The Inner Sanctum of Legal Ethics,” radio drama teleseminar (VACLE 2006)

“The Great Debate: Compliance vs. Conscience,” teleseminar (With Prof. John May) (VACLE, Oct. 2006)

“Ethics Chess” and “Ethics Chess II”( South Dakota Bar, 2009; DC Bar; Association of the Bar of the City of New York; various law firms, 2004-2006)

“Ethics Attack” (Nashville Bar, Dec 2005; various law firms)

“Avoiding the Dark Side” (Thompson Coburn; Skadden Arps, DC Bar, 2006)

“The Mind of the Virtuous Lawyer” (DC Bar; various law firms, 2004-2005)

“Secrets of the Virtuous Lawyer.” (VACLE April-May 2006; Maine State Bar Association, January 2003; Washoe County (NV) Bar Association, November 2002)

“Lawyers in Charge: Solving Ethical Dilemmas for the Bar Board.” (Philadelphia Bar Association, January 2003)

“Mystery of the Virtuous Lawyer.” (Maine State Bar Association, January 2003; Nashville Bar Association, December 2002; DC Bar, December 2002; Washington State Bar Association, November 2002; Oregon Bar Association, November 2002)

“Curse of the Virtuous Lawyer. Balancing the Roles of the Attorney: Legal Ethics, Professionalism, and Morality.” (Washington State Bar Association, November 2002; Minnesota CLE, May 2002; North Carolina Bar, January 2002; Association of Trial Lawyers of America, July 2001; DC Bar, April 2001)

“Conflicted! Ethics and Organization Counsel.” (Oregon State Bar Association, November 2002)

“The Virtuous Litigator: Navigating the Chaos of Litigation Ethics.” (Georgetown University Law Center, June 2002)

“Son of Klutz: The Ballad of Halibut Klutz Part Two. (An Interactive Legal Ethics Epic).” (Washington State Bar Association, November 2002; Rhode Island Bar Association, September 2002; Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, January 2002; Dickstein, Shapiro, Morin & Oshinsky, 2002; Virginia CLE, May 2001; DC Bar, August 2001)

“Crunch Time! [At the Virtuous Law Firm].” (Dickstein, Shapiro, Morin & Oshinsky, November 2002)

“The Ethical Perils of Pauline McQueen,” (North Dakota Bar Association, October 2002; Oregon State Bar, 2001; Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue, 2000; Virginia CLE, 2000; DC Bar, 2000; Rhode Island Bar Association, 2000; Dickstein, Shapiro, Morin & Oshinsky, 2000)

“The Sound of Ethics” - Musical CLE Program. (Virginia CLE, September 2002; DC Bar, April 2002)

“Trusted: Ethics for Estate Planners.” (23rd Annual Estate Planning and Administration Seminar, Virginia CLE, April 2002)

“Hypothetically Speaking: Ethics for Employment Attorneys.” (Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute of Minnesota CLE, May 2002)

“Ethics: Is All Fair in Negotiation?” (Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute of Minnesota CLE, May 2002)

“Elements of an Effective Sexual Harassment Training Program.” (Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute of Minnesota CLE, May 2002)

“Hypothetically Speaking: Ethics for Minnesota Attorneys.” (Minnesota CLE, May 2002).

“Conflicted! Spotting and Avoiding Conflicts in a Non-Profit Setting.” (38th Annual Washington Non-Profit Legal and Tax Conference, March 2002)

“The Virtuous Lawyer in Crisis.” (Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, January 2002)

“The Ballad of Halibut Klutz: The Radio Play.” Teleconference. (Virginia CLE, November 2001; Washington State Bar, 2001, 2000)

“Ethical Dilemmas and the Virtuous Law Firm.” (Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, 2001; Feldesman, Tucker, Leifer, Fidell & Bank, November 2000)

“A Passion for Justice.” [One-man show about Clarence Darrow, with facilitated discussion.] (International Academy of Trial Lawyers, March 2001; Washington and Lee Law School; 2004-2006)

“Too Many Hats: Conflict of Roles and Ethical Considerations for the Non-Profit General Counsel.” (37th Annual Washington Non-Profit Legal and Tax Conference, March 2001)

“Good Judgment: Legal Ethics, Government Ethics and Personal Ethics in the Balance.” (Merit System Protection Board, 2001)

“An Ethics Survival Guide for the Two-Headed Attorney: Conflicts of Roles and Duties in Government Practice.” (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, 2001)

“Ethics and the Environment of Law Practice.” (Dickstein, Shapiro, Morin & Oshinsky, 2000; Bryan Cave LLP, 1999)

“The Virtuous Lawyer Rides Again.” (DC Bar, 2000; DC Bar, December 1999; Oregon State Bar, 1999; DC Bar, 1998)

“Ethical Dilemmas and the Virtuous Lawyer.” (Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering, 2000; Minnesota CLE, 2000)

“The Exceptional Lawyer: Ethical Gray Areas in Government Practice.” (U.S. Department of the Interior, 2000)

“Duties to Spare: Ethical Overload and Non-Profit Counsel.” (36th Annual Washington Non-Profit Legal and Tax Conference, March 2000)

“The Ballad of Halibut Klutz. An Interactive Legal Ethics Epic.” (Rhode Island Bar Association, 2001; DC Bar, 1998)

Duties to Spare: Ethical Overload and Agency Practice.” (Federal Emergency Management Agency, 2000)

“Surviving the Prime Directive: Conflict of Ethics and the Virtuous Lawyer.” (Kansas Trial Lawyers Association, 2000)

“Avoiding Meltdown in Energy Practice.” (Energy Bar Association, 2000)

“Just or Zealous: Core Ethical Tensions for the Government Lawyer.” (DC Bar , 2000; DC Bar, 2001; Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, 2000)

“Good Counsel: Legal Ethics Conflicts in the Corporate Setting.” (Allied Signal, Inc., 1999)

“Ethics, Conflicts and Temptations in Energy Practice.” (Federal Energy Bar Association, 1999)

“Breaking the Code: Pitfalls, Traps and Conundrums of the New Ethics Rules.” (Virginia CLE, 1999)

“Selected Topics in Legal Ethics for Non-Profits.” [With The Ethics Resource Center]. March 1997

“The Virtuous Lawyer: Legal Ethics Beyond the Rules” [As Senior Consultant, Ethics Resource Center]. (Allied Signal, Inc., 1997)

“Hypothetically Speaking: Selected Topics in Advanced Legal Ethics.” [With The Ethics Resource Center, 1997)

“The Twilight Zone: Scary Boundaries in Legal Ethics” [with The Ethics Resource Center]. (DC Bar, 1997)

“Veterans Under a Disability: Advising a Client Who May Have a Psychological Disorder” [With the Ethics Resource Center]. (U.S. Court of Veterans Appeals Fourth Judicial Conference, 1996)

Accounting Ethics (Creator, Facilitator)

“The Toughest Job of All: Non-Profits and The Ethical Accountant” (OMI, 2010)

“The Virtuous Accountant” (Various organizations, 2009)

Government, Legislative, Regulatory, and Local Government Ethics

“The Secrets of the Virtuous Legislator” (CGI West, 2004-2009)

“The Virtuous Municipal Attorney” (DC General Counsel; IMLA. 2007)

“MORE Ethics Secrets of the Virtuous and Powerful (FINRA , 2008)

“Ethics Secrets of the Virtuous and Powerful (FINRA , 2008)

“Ethics Chess for the Attorney General” (NAG, 2007)

“Government Ethics” (US Treasury Department 2005)

“Ethics and the Government Lawyer,2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009.” (DC Bar, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, 2000; U.S. Commerce Dept, 2001 )

Leadership, Organizational Ethics Programs (Creator, Writer, Facilitator)

“Character and Public Service” (City of Gainesville, 2009)

“The Compliance Zone.” (Various corporate clients, 2005-2008; Altria, 2003-2006; Electronic Industry Alliance, January 2003; Philip Morris Companies, December 2002, Pennsylvania Power and Light, 2005; Price-Waterhouse-Coopers; 2004)

“An Ethics Carol” (ERC and Altria, 2007)

“Ethical Perils and the CLE Provider.” (Association for Continuing Legal Education, January 2003)

“Researching Ethics: Dealing with Ethical Challenges.” (The Heartland Association of Research Professionals, October 2002.)

“Going Ahead: Ethics and the Function of Leadership.” (National Association of Bar Executives, July 2002)

“Ethics in Action: You Make the Call.” (With Ethics Resource Center for Society for Human Resource Development, June 2002)

“The Way to Ethical Thought and Conduct.” (United Way of America, July 2002)

“Regulating Ethics.” (With the Ethics Resource Center for the Regulatory Affairs Professional Society, 2002)

“The Great Adventure: Creation, Collaboration and Survival in an Organizational Setting.” (United Way of America, July 2001)

Workplace Ethics (Creator, Director, Facilitator)

“Ethics Alarms” (Howard County, 2009)

“Respect, Bias, and Civility” (Howard County, 2009)

“Making Sense Out of Sexual Harassment Policy.” (National Rural Electric Cooperative, 2005, 2003)

“Sexual Harassment and the Ethics of the Workplace.” (Richards, Spears, Kibbe & Orbe, 1999)

For The Pope Group in 1996-97, workplace and sexual harassment programs for such clients as the U.S. Department of Defense, Defense Information Service Agency, Mary Washington College, U.S. Department of the Treasury, the U.S. Senior Executive Service, and private for-profit firms.

Customized harassment training programs for private non-profit clients, 1999-2005

Professional Memberships

Massachusetts Bar Association (Active)
District of Columbia Bar (Inactive)
Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers
Association Continuing Legal Education Association

Ongoing Pro Bono Activities

Artistic Director, The American Century Theater (professional Theater in Arlington, Virginia)

Publication Activity

Book. “The Essential Words and Writings of Clarence Darrow” pub. Modern Library, Random House 2007; Co-Editor with Ed Larson

Blog: Ethics Alarms ( (Daily commentary on ethics in the culture and the News 2009)

Web Site: The Ethics Scoreboard ( 2004-Present

Contributing Ethicist for “O” Magazine 2007-2009

Article. “Farewell to the Prime Directive?” Ethics Today, Winter 2003

Article. “Zealous, Creative or Just Plain Stupid? The Ethics of the Frivolous Law Suit,” Kansas Trial Lawyers Association Newsletter, 2001)

Article. “Confessions of a Med Mal Juror,” The Settlement Strategist, 2000

Article. “Ethics and Professionalism: When Attorneys Withdraw from Representation,” The Federal Lawyer, February 1997

Article. “Hypothetically Speaking: The Despair Diamond,” Ethics Today, Winter 1998

Play. “A Passion for Justice: The Clarence Darrow Story,” 2000. Professionally produced in 2000 at TACT, 2009 at Olney Theatre, 2010 Everyman Theater

Editor, The Settlement Strategist (1996 - 2001)

Editor, Subtext, The Theater-Goer’s Companion

Writer and Editor, Audience Guides for The American Century Theater (1996-PRESENT)

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